Electricity and water on your electric yacht like you are used to it on land. Stable in all conditions, no rolling on sea or on anchor.


Handling an electric boat like a car. 360° turning on one point. Smart home control with your iPad or Android Tablet


Sail the sun with a solar electric boat , go where ever and when ever you wan’t . Enjoy 12 Knots speed noiseless without watching on windspeed, direction and  squalls. 

Trans Ocean Range

Cross the ocean with your electric boat, with an average speed of approx. 5 knots day and night. 

Ecology and Economics

No maintenance for Batteries, Solarpanels and the electric boat propulsion, no fuel, no gas, all year round, more than 10 years.


Lightness, modern Design. Built for using 100 %Solar Power and electric boat propulsion.


Solar Energy





Solar hybrid power catamarans

Solarwave Cruiser

“Solarwave-Cruiser” is a pure electric boat. As she is a “Sunssailor” she is independent form the wind, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, fast, reliable and noiseless. She is powered by serial-hybrid-propulsion.

Solarwave Power

“Solarwave-Power”  is a parallel-electric hybrid boat. She has 2 powerful diesel-engines as well as 2 electric-motors. They can propel the boat togehter or each of them alone.

It is your choice to have unlimited range at lower speeds with the e-drive or high speeds by using the diesel-engines.

Solarwave Sailor

“Solarwave-Sailor” offers you an additional option for your electric boat. You can set sails and accept the challenge of a fast ride way beyond 10 knots under sails.  The rigg can be combined with the serial-hybrid of the “Cruiser” as well as the powerful diesel-engines of the “Power”-version. You have the choice!

be autonomic. be free.

just with the power of the sun.



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