Catamarans from Solarwave use the sun as main energy source – see the new video !

Catamarans from Solarwave use the sun as main energy source – see the new video !

A Solarwave catamaran is a real solar powered yacht with unlimited range. The diesel generator is only on board for saftey reason as a backup. How does the Solarwave propulsion work ? In this short animated movie clip we will demonstrate a typical trip, for example through the caribbean sea. Our skipper leaves the marina in Saint Martin direction Martinique with the Solarwave 62 at 3.00 a.m. with fully loaded batteries. He plans on an average cruising speed with 6 kn over ground. He would like to reach Martinique bevor sunset in 36 hours.  The first 3 hours we take the power for the propulsion, radar and the autopilot from the Li On Batteries. After sunrise the solar panels start producing energy. Near high noon the energy balance turns to positiv and the sun is not only powering the propulsion but it is also loading the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the skipper can than decide what he will do with the excess power. He can pick up speed or in our animation, he will produce water and use the aircondition in the cabins. Near midnight the sea gets rugher, so the skipper decides to pick up speed to reach the leeward side of Guadeloupe a little bit earlier than anticipated. After a few hours with ten knots the generator starts automatically when the batteries are nearly empty. After reaching calm waters behind Guadeloupe the skipper slows down and the generator stopps also automatically.  Again the Solarwave 62 catamaran is sailing with the sun and reaches the marina at 4 p.m to enjoy  the sundowner cocktails for happy hour. Noiseless, zero emmission, luxury cruising its not a dream anymore its real, and is designed by Solarwave AG, Switzerland. Buy the future of yachting now. Buy catamarans from Solarwave.

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