Stella Lux can run 1000 km no stop solar powered

Stella Lux can run 1000 km no stop solar powered

Students of the Technical University Eindhoven, build a car solar powered car called STELLA LUX. Stella Lux, is like a electric yacht from Solarwave, a energy positive vehicle. This means Stella Lux is so efficient that she generates more energy than she consumes during the entire year, even in Dutch weather conditions! The aerodynamic design has an important role in this: consider, for example, the tunnel which runs through the center of the car. Furthermore, Stella Lux has an extended roof on both sides of the car. Because of this, we were able to place another row of solar panels on the car. Stella Lux was designed to be extremely light by using materials like carbon fibre and aluminium. One special think you will like is, the solar panels of the car can offer your house energy and can also be used as energy storage. The same is possible with a Solarwave electric yacht, when you connect them to a smart grid. Read more about Stella Lux!

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