Electric catamaran propulsions powered by solar  has a unlimited range – also when the sun is not shining. The electric energy is stored in the batteries and can also be used in bad weather-conditions or during the night. The light-weight Lithium-Batteries provide ample energy for the electric propulsion as well as for all household appliances – 230/110 V, day and night – 24/7 – for television, air-conditioning, ice-machine, electric watermaker, laptop and much more ….. No need to search for a marina to charge the batteries, to get ice, to refuel or to fill your watertanks. This saves time and also money!


There are various types of lithium-batteries to store solar energy on the market. The brand we are using is among the most expensive ones. But they are best regarding liability, safety, performance, weight and life-span.

Cooling and Heating

Using electric energy on a catamaran for cooling and heating without running a generator, that’s comfort. When the windows have to be closed in bad weather or when moscitos are outside, you will enjoy using the unique electric aeration-system. It is installed in all cabins, bathrooms and the saloon. It provides individually adjustable cool and fresh air at any time. It also can be combined with the air-conditioning. In reverse mode the heat-pump provides a cosy interior for an all-season use.

Heat Build-Up

Is quite a big problem in conventional catamarans, as combustion-engines emit about 70 % of the energy in form of heat.  Electric-motors with an energy-efficiency of more than 90 % emit less than 10 %. A huge difference! Also gas-burners and gas oven in a conventional boat emit a lot of heat into the interior of the yacht. As the electric induction-cooktops do not have an open flame like gas-burners, the inside of the yacht stays comfortably cool. Additionally Solarwave-Yachts are equipped with a smart electric aeration-system.  Also conventional yachts have to use a diesel generator, when using a aircondition. Our solar hybrid Solarwave Power Catamarans can use their huge batteries, to use the air condition, so specially in the night you enjoy the noiseless electric power system.

Liability and Safety

The solarpanels are integrated in the roof, so there is no windload on them. The batteries and electric boat motors are inside the electric yacht in a dry and safe place. All wiring is tin-covered and all plugs are specially designed so water or humidity cannot enter and damage the electric system of the boat. All parts exposed to the marine  environment are made of corrosion-resistant materials. And last but not least, every important electric system is two times on board. Electric Catamarans are nearly unsinkable in case of a collision, because of the two hulls.


Electric energy, always available, like at home. All kinds of electric consumers can be connected. Without a generator you can watch football on TV, have a cold beer, run air-conditioning and bright  interior and exterior electric LED lighting – for as long as needed. 230 / 110 Volt 24/7. Electric production of up to 3.000 liters of drinking water a day grants you a kind of comfort you would not have considered possible up to now. Silent and emission-free luxury with electric energy free from the sun.


A solar hybrid catamaran from Solarwave Yachts has only an diesel range extender. The range-extender requires much less attention than 2 large diesel-engines, a generator or sails in a conventionally power catamaran. Solarpanels have a guaranteed life-span of more than 25 years. After that time it will be quite cheap to replace them. In the lithium-batteries used for Solarwave-yachts only a few cells need to be replaced after 10 years. The electric motors are completely free of maintenance. So the maintenance-costs of an electric boat by Solarwave are much lower than on a comparable conventionally power catamaran.

Performance and Efficiency

Due to their sensationally low weight, the streamlined shape and the towing-tank optimized underwater-lines, Solarwave-electric yachts have less wave drag and friction than other sailing- or motor-yachts. This unique efficiency makes them fast and enables self-sufficient electric propulsion.


Solar hybrid systems and Epoxy-Carbon-construction are usually expensive. Solar hybrid catamarans by Solarwave-Yachts are the proof, that these modern technology is affordable. Our solar hybrid catamarans are within the same price-range as conventionally power catamarans and constructed sailing- or motor-catamarans or monohull yachts at the same size.  Comparing to monohull yachts they offer nearly 40% more space without rolling. The price for the Cruiser 62 starts from 2 Mio. EUR. For this price the yacht is ready for Trans-Ocean-Cruising. Still we offer many options, because its semi custom, so if you wan’t to get the complete price list with all options please contact us.


Unlimited with electric propulsion. With diesel-engines and without consideration of the electric propulsion: transocean-range.


Normally the solarpanels provide enough electric energy for all cases on our solar hybrid catamarans.  The range extender provides ample electric energy in case of longer periods of bad weather. He starts automatically when the batteries are low and ensures always properly filled batteries to supply the electric propulsion as well as all electric household appliances.

Redundancy and Safety

All vital electric components on our solar hybrid power catamarans  redundant to ensure double safety. Due to the configuration of the particular electric components an overload-situation is not possible at all. The electric powered Solarwave-System is by far safer than any other propulsion like sails or diesel-engines.


A “Solarwave-Sailor” can recharge the batteries while sailing – when the props are beeing turned by the waterflow, the electric motors produce energy to charge the batteries.


They produce the electric energy for the electric propulsion as well as for the luxury household – including air-conditioning, electric cooking, cooling …. and store the electric energy in state-of-the-art Lithium-Batteries.


Solely powered by electric motors a Solarwave has a cruising-speed of 6-8 knots and reaches a maximum speed of up to 10 knots. With diesel-engines a “Solarwave-Power” has a cruising-speed of 15-20 knots and a maximum speed of more than 25 knots – depending on the chosen engine-configuration.


Weight is nearly equivalent to electric power consumption. Each kilogramm less means less electric energy required to move the power catamaran. A SOLARWAVE-Yacht has only half the weight  compared to a conventionally constructed and powered yachts and catamarans. Thus she is two times more efficient – and much faster. This enourmous weight reduction is due to weight-optimizing design, expensive materials (Carbon, Aramid, Epoxy-resin) and elaborate construction techniques.

Are SOLARWAVE Yachts the only electric hybrid powered yachts ?

No, there are many solar hybrid power yachts on the market, but what is their range? 10 or 20 miles. A solar electric powered SOLARWAVE can go up to 120 miles a day – permantently for weeks! And solely electrically up to 10 knots. With unlimited range – worldwide. On top of that she poweres all electric household appliances.

Do you know any other yacht brand offering more freedom and comfort?

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