Solarwave Yachts catamaran shipyard

The Shipyard working for Solarwave AG

Since 1985 the NedShip Group is renowned for high quality Mega-Yachts and solar power catamarans. They built over 340 custom vessels – electric power-catamarans as well as electric propulsion sailing-yachts – up to 45 meters. Also a Solar Ferry for 50 PAX is available. They are specialised in light-weight epoxy-carbon-composite construction. They are used to work together with their customers, to customize your solar power catamaran and make it unique. You are welcome to visit the shipyard in the east Mediterranean Sea, in Antalya Turkey, whenever you wan’t. Get in contact with us !


The proud team with Solarwave 62 Nr. 1

Markus Schneider

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