The electric propulsion sailing boat called “Sailor” – additionally to the advantages of the “Cruiser” the “Sailor” comes with sails.

This is a noiseless sailing catamaran without any emissions – and with unlimited range.

The sound of the waves is like music in your ears and there is nothing disturbing this feeling.


Solarwave-Yachts electric propulsion sailboats are very light, much lighter than any comparable sailboats or multihulls.  By using Epoxy-Cabon-Composite, we could reduce the weight about 50 %! This is, why a Solarwave sailing boat is that fast and economically !

In fair winds you are using the sails and at the same time you are charging the batteries – recuperation by the electric motors, which are working in “generating-mode”. If the wind stops, or if you want to go against headwind, you continue noiseless driving by using silent electric propulsion.


A Solarwave electric propulsion sailboat does not care for the wind-direction. At day and at night – 24h/7d – non stop – always noiseless and free of emissions with the power of the wind and the sun. 

In the rare case, that there is neither sun or wind for several days, the range-extender is a safe and reliable power-source, that guarantees fully charged batteries. Thus a Solarwave multihull concept is always entirely independent from the weather. As soon as the sun is shining again, the batteries will be filled up noiselessly and for free.

This saves large amounts of fuel and money. It also grants more comfort – silent cruising and unprecedented energy supply on anchor.

Contrary to conventional Hybrid-Sailing Yachts, the components of a Solarwave electric propulsion sailboats are configurated for long-range solar-cruising. Only powered by solar, without need to start the diesel-engine, as the battery-capacity is calculated for more than one night of permanent cruising.

Compared to a conventionally powered Sailboats, a Solarwave-Yacht catamaran or sailboat has the following advantages:

  •  – significantly lower purchasing-price and maintenance-costs
  •  – nearly no maintenance-work to do
  •  – operational costs for propulsion and household close to zero
  •  – highest level of security and reliability  – redundancy for every vital system
  •  – high level “Fun-Factor” by the enormous speed potential under sails
  •  – energy-recuperation – electric motors charging the batteries

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