Solarwave Yachts are real solar powered hybrid catamarans, this means you can go 24/7 without fuel if you like. But this is not the only reason you should buy a Solarwave Yacht. Here you find more information or download our Solarwave_Flyer_Version_2015_09 !

Salon Solarwave 62 power catamaran

Comfort and luxury on a catamaran:

Luxury Yachts are powered today by solar hybrid propulsion. Comfort is to use energy on catamarans like on land. Enjoy noiseless cruising on your luxury yacht. All SOLARWAVE Yachts are producing every day a minimum of 60 KW/H electric energy with their solar panels . This means, you can use your air condition, whenever you like, produce water as much as you want and use your freezers and fridge to make as many ice cubes as you like. The energy is free, noiseless and without pollutions. Catamarans from competitors must run a 15 KW/H Generator more than 6 hours to get the same energy into their batteries. Also, you have to run the generator at the same time, when you use your air con . An SOLARWAVE Catamaran can use his huge batteries to run the air con, also in the night, noiseless! That’s a comfort you will find on no other ship in this size.

Trans Ocean Range and autonomy:

Unlimited range without the need to refuel, recharge or fill up the water-tanks., that’s the main feature of a luxury yacht. With the watermaker, you can produce up to 2000 liter of fine potable water every day. In combination with the huge cooling- and freezing capacity an SOLARWAVE electric propulsion catamaran is your personal island offering everything you need for an independent and autonomous life during a long period of time. For circumnavigators this is the only powered catamaran, who is able in the standard configuration to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific with an average speed of approx. 5-6 knots. That’s sailing with the sun!


It doesn’t matter wich luxury yacht version you choose. Noiseless gliding with 10 or more knots on calm water is just something you will never forget. With the sailor, you can have the best of 3 worlds. Powerful diesel engines give you the possibility to go up to 25 knots. Sail when you like it not when you need it. Use the electric propulsion, when you like to relax. Why to renounce, when you can have all.

Ecology and economics

  • Top-level energy-efficiency by:
    • bionic design
    • towing-tank-optimized hull-shape
    • wind- and wave-drag optimized design
    • CNC-milling of the moulds
    • construction in carbon-composite with epoxy-infusion
    • light-weight and structurally stable
    • Innovative propulsions and technical devices grant luxury and performance at very low maintenance costs


Catamarans are easy to maneuver, turn 360° without thinking. Steering is as easy as in your car. Two electric engines deliver max. Torque, from zero, without starting procedure or warming up. SOLARWAVE Yachts are equipped with state of the art navigation and autopilot systems, and a clever power management system, that nows what to do, to offer you max. comfort and luxury on board. As an option it is possible to install a CRESTRON home automation and home control system.


The modern and innovative design combines maximum performance and safety on your luxury yacht. The top of the flybridge can be closed to reduce the wind resistance and lower the center of gravity in heavy weather. It’s not a motor yacht equipped with solar panels, its a luxury yacht designed for use electric propulsion with solar panels. So the boat is optimal balanced, although or just because of his 600 kg solar panel on top. Everything is constructed for optimizing the performance of electric propulsions, without compromise. So when you enter a harbour, the people will be impressed by the design and the technology. Buy the future, buy SOLARWAVE.


Deck-Solarwave 62 power catamaran

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