Our solar hybrid power catamarans 54 called “Cruiser” – this means noiseless cruising without any emissions – with unlimited range powered from the sun. The sound of the waves is like music in your ears and there is nothing disturbing this feeling. No struggle with the sails, no tacking, no diesel-engine if there is no wind.

The wind-force and the wind-direction loose any significance for you, because your Solarwave 54 Cruiser power catamaran is independent. You are independent. It is not anymore the wind telling you how fast you can go. On a Solarwave 54 it is you, who is determining the speed! You do not have to wait for the wind to come – you decide when to leave the harbour. The power of the sun is stored in powerful batteries and you can use it whenever and however you like. Isn´t this better than sailing with the wind? A Solarwave can sail 24h/7d – non stop. Noiseless!
Purely solar-powered with electric propulsions up to 10 knots!

Contrary to conventional Hybrid-Yachts, the components of a Solarwave power catamran are configurated for long-range solar-cruising. Only powered by solar, without need to start the diesel-engine, as the battery-capacity is calculated for more than one night of permanent cruising.

Solarwave 54 Cruiser

The new Solarwave 54 is now designed with a new cabin concept. The owners cabin is in the front of the catamaran and takes the full wide. This concept offers huge space for the owner and the guests. Together with the flybridge this concept is more flexible and offers in one option 3 “owner” cabins with nearly the same space for everyone.

The new design concept offers large rear cabins with bathrooms. This gives more comfort for all guests. Power catamarans often don’t use the front space very clever. Our 54 offers more space for everybody on board, without loosing something.

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