A power catamaran  with the  “Solarwave-System”  combines the advantages of  silent driving, free of emissions and low or none costs for fuel and unlimited range – with the advantages of having two powerful diesel-engines for fast passages. You have the choice!

The Solarwave power catamaran as a “parallel-hybrid” is equipped with 2 silent electric motors working together with 2 powerful Diesel-engines of 2 x 150 to 2 x 300 HP. Diesel-powered top-speeds of more than 20 knots are possible!

Compared to a conventionally powered Motor-Catamaran, a Solarwave-power catamaran has following advantages:

  •  – significantly lower purchasing-price and maintenance-costs
  •  – much less maintenance-work to do
  •  – low maintenance-costs 
  •  – operational costs for propulsion and household close to zero
  •  – high “Fun-Factor” by its velocity-potential
  •  – maximum safety and reliability by multiple redundancy

Markus Schneider

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